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This is DEMO version of the game. If you like it please consider voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

All uploads are available on gamejolt

In CyberSentinel you take the role of a hacker, who writes programs to steal data from secure systems in a kind of '80s/'90s stylized version of cyberspace. You don't need to know any programming language, because programs are created using a variation of Alan Turing's state machine diagrams. Its implementation is easy to use, yet complicated enough to teach programming basics.


  • addictive puzzles - give player a feel of being a god like hacker observing his creations come to life
  • quick to learn, hard to master
  • feeling of 80'/90' cyberpunk movies
  • 36+ levels with increasing difficulty and grading system
  • level editor and option to play and rate other players' levels

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All uploads are available on gamejolt



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